"Ath is a great guitarist who is reliable, conscientious in his preparation and delivers the goods."
Mark Deeks
"I’ve been lucky to have worked with a variety of hugely talented musicians, however, it is Ath’s attention to detail both technically and dynamically that musically tickle me the most. His playing is distinctive yet inspired and you can hear traditional and contemporary touches from Wes to Pat Metheny shinning through like scintillating shafts of sunlight stabbing the dimness. If it’s those cool defined Nile Rodgers rhythm chops you're after or the tasty session based sounds of Steve Lukather then you’ll find an attention to detail here that is classic yet still full of invention. Ath takes his sound very seriously; his attention to frequency both on stage and in the studio inspire an awareness of where everyone fits in the musical tapestry. He delivers solos that catch you off guard, boasting some Prince like genius or a jaw dropping Satriani inspired flash, however he knows just where to include them. When working for others Ath is committed to working at the highest level of professionalism. If music is indeed a language then here is a master musical linguist."
Les Watts – Director, Performer  & Educator
(London West End,  Brendan Healy, John Miles)
"I have worked with Ath multiple times live on stage, and in the recording studio. He is a great and confident performer with the chops to boot! He is also very careful about his tone and experienced in using his gear to get a great sound.
I would have no problems booking him for any guitar work over  a vast range of music including jazz, funk, disco, rock and pop."
Liam Gaughan – Performer & Producer
"Ath and I worked on many sessions and live projects over years. He’s one of the most versatile and intuitive musicians with an open mind and a unique style. He is my go-to guitarist on pretty much all my musical projects and he is always consistent with an excellent musical quality and a professional touch!"
Theo Tantanozis, Producer, Songwriter, Educator, Performer
(tarzan bros, portmanteau)
"Ath played guitar on Jayl Funk ft. Tarzan Bros – “SHAKE IT“.  Super groovy and catchy hookline.
Very professional sounds and a super nice guy”
Jayl Funk – DJ & Producer
"It was a pleasure collaborating with Guitar SeshWorks. Ath composed and produced the soundtrack for a short commercial video and worked closely with our video editing team to find the perfect sound."
Nelly Stav, filmmaker & video editor