Hi, thanks for visiting Guitar SeshWorks.

I’m Ath, a pro session musician and I love music and all things guitar. My musical journey started at 7 years old when, while being a bit spaced out and recovering from minor head injury, I decided to take piano lessons..  My attention soon shifted to the electric guitar and fast forward almost 25 years later and after getting loads of performing experience I decided to put my skills and passion in to the service of other artists. 


Although the music industry is constantly evolving, the recording performance requirements remain the same: no-ego, well-executed and inspiring musical parts that serve the song and the artist’s vision.  The cool thing is that today all that can be done remotely via the internet. This solves many logistical issues and the artist can pick from a world-wide talent-pool of collaborators. While tracking at the studio still has its place and merits, remote session work makes quality performance fast, varied, affordable and hassle-free.


Home-recording and transferring audio files via email is obviously not new.  My mission however is to make this a viable option for studios, engineers, producers, musicians, composers and artists in general. I believe services like remote session work are particularly well-suited to young talent at the start of their careers cutting their first demos and putting themselves out there and this is where I can make a more significant contribution.


Gear-wise, I have guitars and analog and digital amps and processors to tackle anything.


So, if you are cutting a new demo, producing a record or composing and arranging for film and want pro-sounding sesh guitar parts please get in touch.